Company Profile

Professional Personnel
The company employs experienced well-trained local technical and administrative staff to handle the full range of services as listed above. To be able to give adequate attention to each and every individual client, the company has employed Engineers, Architects, Surveyors, and Technicians as well as administrative and support staff. Our Architects, Engineers and Technicians have accumulated a wide range of experience in the building industry having undertaken several projects in Uganda.

The multidisciplinary nature of our personnel enables the company to provide a wide range of services to the Central Government, Local Governments, Non Government Organisations and various Private Sector Clients. Since the founding of the company, the staff has built necessary skills and experience by way of involvement in a number of commissions where design concepts have been used to provide the most effective solutions to projects.

Experience and Philosophy
Blossom Enterprises Ltd has a primary consideration of developing as a firm with meaningful and practical approaches to problems found not only in Uganda but also in Africa as a whole. The firm takes special interest in studying the African social composition and way of life believing strongly on the culture and the indigenous elements of building and construction management. Our philosophy is always to understand clients’ needs, design, construct and manage the best possible solutions within the resources available and to supervise contractors during construction. The aim is to do all possible to ensure that the clients get the best value for their money and time by developing meaningful and practical technical solutions.

As a company, we take great pride in our work aiming at producing outstanding constructions in the knowledge that such works will stand for several years as a witness to our efforts. We endeavor to seek what has traditionally been developed from the unique African culture and blend it with modern technological advancements in the construction industry to meet our clients’ needs.

Any building or structure must be durable, economical and visibly interesting. The company undertakes various types of building and planning projects and provides the full range of services for individual buildings, housing in general and other complexes.

Blossom Enterprises Ltd ensures the provision of a reliable, competent and professional service to all its clients and end-users and in the day-to-day relationships with professional colleagues and other members of the construction team. This service is supported by a positive policy within the practice towards staff training and continuing professional development, where individual aspirations and objectives are recognized leading to the maintenance and improvement of personal and professional skills. By means of development and implementation of this quality system, the practice demonstrates clear and controlled systematic working methods.

Blossom Enterprises Ltd has a remarkable record for project management with project completions “on time and within budget”. Our project management entails close contract supervision, site visits and minute meetings.

Blossom past Work Experience

Blossom as a Company has done a number of projects in water works supply, construction of buildings, construction of ferro-cement tanks, rehabilitation of Boreholes, water quality testing and monitoring and other similar civil works.
Logistics and Financial Capability

As part of a good financial stand, Blossom Enterprises Ltd has a good relationship with DFCU Bank – our bankers. There are no constraints envisaged in raising finances necessary for pre-financing execution of projects.

The good relationship we have with Excel Insurance Company Ltd – our insurer, is another shoulder for us to lean on during financial and other problematic situations.

At the moment we can handle contracts of up to UGSHS 50,000,000 (Fifty Million shillings) without any external help and we are able to handle contracts worth two hundred million Uganda shillings (UGSHS 200,000,000/=) with the help of our bankers and insurer.


Our Mission

The mission of BLOSSOM is to be a total Technical Contracting and Consultancy firm providing quality Services in all technical areas at affordable charges.


Appropriate Technology in Economic Reality

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