Company Equipment



Dump Tippers 2 One Owned and another one Hired
Dumpy level 1 Owned
Concrete mixer 0.5CM 2 Owned
Concrete  Vibrator Single phase 2 Owned
Pedestrian Roller Bomag 2tons 1 Leased
Wheel barrows 8 Owned
Welding Machine single phase 2 Owned
Angle grinder Makita 2 Owned
Ranging Roads 4 Owned
50-metre length tape measures 4 Owned
Mitsubishi Double Cabin Pick-ups 1 Owned
Mitsubishi Single Cabin Pick-up 1 Leased
Toshiba Laptop Computers 3 Owned
Dell Desktop Computers 4 Owned


Our Mission

The mission of BLOSSOM is to be a total Technical Contracting and Consultancy firm providing quality Services in all technical areas at affordable charges.


Appropriate Technology in Economic Reality

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Physical Address:Iganga Town Council
P.O. Box 104, MUKONO